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Whiteboard Finishes Slide


Get creative with 3M™ Whiteboard Finishes. Much less bulky than traditional white boards, these innovative finishes can adhere to any architectural surface.

This is an excellent design solution for offices, conference rooms, classrooms, at home and more. The ideas are endless.

These films can be easily cleaned when you are ready to start a new project. Here’s more:

  • 3M adhesives ensure fast, accurate and durable applications
  • Makes collaboration easy
  • Offers an alternative to bulky whiteboards, which take up space
  • Can also add privacy to spaces you’d like to keep out of the public eye
  • Stain, chemical and abrasion resistant.
  • Lasts an average of five years
  • Easily removed when you are ready for a change
  • Both Fasara™ Whiteboard and DI-NOC Whiteboard are for dry-erase markers
  • Both dry-erase and permanent markers can be used on Post-It® Flex Write Surface