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Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

If you are like many, you have found yourself working from home more often. The COVID-19 pandemic increased the number of people working from home, and research suggests that this trend is going to continue.

A Global Workplace Analytics study suggests that 25 to 30 percent of world’s workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.

However, the home office was an important room in the house even before the pandemic struck. In 2019, an estimated 24 percent of American workers performed some or all of their work at home, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With so many of us spending more of our workday inside our home offices, perhaps it is time to consider making improvements to our workspace. 3M provides products that are designed to make your home more comfortable, including sun control, architectural finishes and security and privacy enhancements.

Enjoy the Natural Light in Your Home Office

3M™ Sun Control Window Film is scientifically proven to cut glare, prevent heat and reduce fading furniture and floors.
The Prestige Series window films reject up to 97 percent of the sun’s heat-producing infrared light and up to 60 percent of the heat coming through your windows. This means that your air conditioner does not have to run as hard to keep your home office cool – which can lower your energy costs.

Meanwhile, the films block 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays, which is what fades flooring and furniture. While no film can stop fading completely, 3M’s films have proven to dramatically slow the progress of fading. Protect your furniture, books, bookcases, floors and other important items from the sun’s harsh rays.

The films also reduce glare, which can affect your ability to see your computer screen or other devices. This means you can get your work done and relax.

Studies have found that natural light improves your overall well-being and adding natural elements to your office, such as windows, can improve productivity. Consider 3M™ Sun Control Window Film to enhance your home office experience.
(Concerned about allowing an installer inside your home? Ask about 3M™ Sun Control Window Film, Prestige Exterior, which is installed on the outside of your windows.)

Give Your Home Office Furniture A New Look

Refresh the look of your home office furniture with 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes. These finishes are applied to any architectural surface, such as a wall, cabinet, desk, bookcase and more. With more than 1,000 options to choose from, the finishes resemble real wood, metal, stone or other textile.
3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes often are available at a fraction of the price of actual replacement. In other words, instead of buying a new home office desk and home office chair, consider resurfacing your existing furniture with 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes. You may end up spending less, and you have less waste since you don’t have to dispose of furniture.
The same is true for metal filing cabinets. Accent Distributing used 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes to resurface two older metal filing cabinets in its Sarasota, Florida offices. The cabinets looked brand new once DI-NOC had been installed.

Add Security and Privacy to Your Home Office

Working from home means that you may have some important equipment that you need to keep secure, including printers, computers and other electronics. 3M offers safety and security film as well as privacy tint to assist you in adding security.

3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film, Ultra Prestige Series offers a strong, multi-layered, tear-resistant construction to protect the most vulnerable entry point of your home – your windows. When glass breaks, the home tint is designed to hold the glass shards together to reduce the chance of injury and deter crime. In fact, the film has scientifically been proven to prevent entry for up to two minutes, which allows time for emergency officials to arrive.
The Ultra Prestige Series also offers the same benefits of 3M™ Sun Control Window Films and its sun protection properties. Meanwhile, 3M’s privacy window films and 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes (which is like a frosted window film or a stained glass window film) both help block the view from the outside so that no one can see in.

Accent Distributing is Working for You

Accent Distributing’s relationship with 3M dates back more than 25 years. With headquarters in both Sarasota, FL and Houston, TX, we work with 3M™ Authorized Dealers in nine states and the Caribbean. Because of our extensive network and our sound knowledge of 3M™ Window Film products, we can put you in touch with an expert in your community.
Contact us at (941) 922-5268 or at

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